Sunday, March 29, 2009

Simple Pleasures: Who knew?

On my daily drive home from work, I often ask myself, “Well, Don, what was the highlight of your day?”

It’s a good question, and I like those.

On Friday, my answer was simple: Root-beer Floats!

Towards the end of our lunch in the teachers’ break room, a fellow teacher ambled over to the refrigerator and pulled out a gallon container of vanilla ice cream and two liters of root-beer.

She teaches 5th grade, and she knows things! One thing she knows is the recipe to Instant Festivity and Happiness. It goes like this: two scoops of vanilla ice cream in a large glass, then slowly pour in root-beer. Add spoon and serve with a smile. (Napkins are optional.)

I had forgotten what a tasty treat can be had so simply. It was delicious and transported me to a Happy Place. Yum!

Rather than sit and curse the darkness, this co-worker took simple action, and in so doing, lightened the mood, restored tired psyches, and she created… the highlight of my day.

Who knew? Becky did.


  1. OH YEAH!!!!!! for rootbeer floats (said like the big Kool-Aid man....remember that?
    My daughter used to call them rootbeer bloats. She's still a little squirrely at times, lol.
    Thank you for you kind comment today and I do love me some Simon & Garfunkle (Oh YEAH)....
    "Bridge Over Troubled Water's" is one of my all time favorite's :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. Oh yes!! Root beer floats are heavenly! Simple pleasures in life! I remember being a kid and going to the AW Drive In for a cold RB while sitting in the car! It was magical!! I still enjoy going to AW Root Beer and having a float in a frosty mug, made with Diet RB!!! Less calories! LOL! Also, a low carb version....use whipped cream instead of ice cream and top it with diet RB!! YUMMY!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. ReggieGirl and cw2smom,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'll bet you both get yourselves root beer floats before April ends.

    They. Are. Delicious.


    PS: I may try the diet version too. (Yummy and low-calorie. Nice.)

  4. Simple pleasures...I had homemade ice cream at a 2 year olds birthday party a couple of weeks ago...the memories that brought back! Nothing artifical about it, pure and good. I think the last time I had homemade ice cream was at my grandmothers house on 4th of July 1964. Why I remember this I have no idea, but I remember the feeling of happiness and family. Simple, but good pleasures of life.

  5. Glo: Who knew that taste buds hid memories within them? Even memories of the '60s!