Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Simple Pains: My Low Back

"Better living through pharmaceuticals!"
That's the battle cry of a friend of mine who exercises regularly and knows the anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, over-the-counter remedies for "simple pains." My simple pain is an aching lower back.

It's all my fault. I felt the first twinge while I was riding a bike about a week ago. (This is a real-life bike, not a stationary one.) One of the disadvantages to a real bike, is a real bump. That's what I hit, and it jarred my back. It was just a little "ouch." I finished my ride.

That night I thought I'd work that soreness out with some back stretching. Hmmm...

I woke up with a somewhat tired back from too much stretching.

Later in my morning routine, I did the silliest thing: I bent over to put on my socks. Major ouch!

That "major ouch" had my attention for about three days. But "better living through pharmaceuticals" rescued me, and I was feeling better in a day or two.

So when last Sunday came, I pushed it a little: a little vacuuming, a little lawn mowing, a little car washing, and a little weeding.
It was all... a little too much. The fact that I couldn't hardly finish the weeding was my first clue.

Three days later I'm able to get up out of a chair, but verrrryyyyy slowly.

I couldn't roll over in bed, and in the morining I have to roll out of bed onto the floor.

I'm using my feet to do common chores, so I don't have to bend. I had my wife help me put on my socks and shoes this morning. Getting out of a car is a process.

I over did it. I'm paying for my self-abuse with some simple pain.

But the lawn looks nice, and so do the flower beds. The car was peppered with bird-poo within three hours! Grrrr...

Simple pain subsides; however...

I think I'm abandoning the real bike, so I can do my real chores without crippling myself for three days at a time. Besides, I had to cancel my racquetball because of my sore back. That's just not right!

I can't let simple pain rob me of my simple pleasures!

It simply wouldn't be right!


  1. Don, maybe it is time to invest in a good quality treadmill. Cardio without the misery.... Side note, I always enjoy the pics you post. Do you take them yourself?

  2. CIS - I have a good treadmill, and I'm glad to say, "My wife is using it." ;-)

    I need more fun in my exercise. I have a new racquetball partner, and that should help.

    I'm glad you enjoy the pictures. 99% of them are mine. When they're not, I usually caption them.

    I overspent a grant I won a few years back, and ended up owning a $300 Canon PowerShot SD400 (5 mega-pixel). It has a 4X magnification potential under a digital macro setting. Along with "leading lines," "rule-of-thirds," and "framing your picture:" that's all I've got.

    For the $300, I also got a spare battery, so I don't lose power halfway through a photo-hike.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Sorry about the back issue, I too feel your pain. Hurt mine a few weeks ago and can't get to a good spot. Seeing a chiropractor who told me my muscles are so tight you could strum them. Guess I'm a little more tense than I thought. Hopefully, both of us will be feeling better soon!

  4. Glo: Maybe high-strung has to do with muscle tension and not temperament.

    I've only got a massage once or twice, but once, after the school year was out, as the masseuse worked on a shoulder muscle, the picture of a student popped into my head. His legacy: a tight muscle... for a while. ;-) Let's get better!

    (Maybe the upcoming wedding has you tightened up?)