Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just for fun... Rosarito: A walk on the beach

One of the charms of La Paloma is the beach access. Two of the four club houses overlook the beach and afford fantastic views. In addition to the sand and surf, we have seen dolphins and migrating whales. The club houses are glass-enclosed, so the views can be enjoyed with or without the sea breeze. A book, a game of cards, or a sand-free picnic can be enjoyed 30' above the teeming Pacific.

As lovely as the view is from the seaside club houses, it's only a ten minute walk from La Paloma to town where adventure awaits.

Today's pictures show some of the sights that walk affords on a typical day. Depending on the time of day you may encounter vendors (get your hair braided), simply sun bathe, ride a quad, ride a horse, stroll the beach, or wander up the beach into town for food, fun, and shopping.

The beaches of Southern California have a special beauty and charm, the beaches of Northern Baja have another: more rustic, more accessible, more romantic.

Enjoy the pictures and imagine yourself in another world, just one hour south of San Diego. World travel at your backdoor.


  1. Aah...I am unlikely to see anything this sunny, huddled away as I am in Northern Europe, for some time to come.

    In fact, being situated in England, I am unlikely to see anything like this at all.


  2. Funnily, I was thinking "it's a whole other world" while scrolling through the pictures - and then I came upon the last paragraph.

    It can't be difficult to take a great picture in such a setting, yet still, you seem a very good photographer.

    I like that you post peaceful, pretty things. :)