Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Six Quirks: A Game of Tag…

I was tagged by a fellow blogger, Miss H~, a Hawkeye living in Montana. The game requires the one tagged to share six personal quirks, and then to tag three others to continue the game. (Electronic quirk freeze tag?) Here are six of mine. (This was surprisingly easy to create. I am fairly quirky!)

1) My youngest daughter tells me that I chuckle. I do have a habit of making private jokes. And I chuckle to myself. (All the world’s a prompt, for my next private joke.)

2) I have eaten almost the same snack and lunch for the last two years: a barbequed skinless, boneless chicken breast, a small bagel, and some grapes. Some call it boring. I call it the backbone of a 25-pound fat loss program. (I vary the type of bagel and grapes.)

3) In my 20’s I learned a neat way to fold my t-shirts: Navy style. 30 years later, I still use this method. My t-shirt drawer is lovely! (My sock drawer ain’t shabby either.)

4) A personal talent is my ability to throw and catch a boomerang. The secret to my success? I bought a book and a ‘rang at a garage sale. I read, I tried, I learned. My personal record is 36 consecutive throws and catches. (I can also build a three-pronged indoor boomerang out of a pizza lid.)

5) I switched careers at the age of 44. I was a computer systems engineer. Now I am a Special Education teacher. I spent 10 years at a junior high before transferring to an elementary school. It took me 27 years to complete a 4-year degree. (’71 to ’76, ’96 to ’98) I got my master’s in two (’98 to ’00). My senior paper was called Paradigm Shift: From System’s Engineer to Special Educator.

6) For several decades, I read the Bible at least once a year. I’ve read the whole Bible more that 20 times, and the New Testament over 36 times (an extra 16). I can recite the names of the 39 Old Testament books quickly, and sing the names of the 27 New Testament books. My favorite book of the Bible is Proverbs: a book of favorite sayings, if you will.

And now… tag you’re it! Joanna, Sacha, and Chase.


  1. Fantastic, absolutely fantastic! :)

  2. I love it that you have mad boomerang skills! I watched a show once on how they were made - do I get any points for that? :D

    A friend and I were just discussing yesterday different kids of laughs...we came up with the 'yukkle' - a yuk and chuckle hybrid. Ever catch yourself yukkling???

    In response to your questions - I have found myself imitating writing styles a couple of times (most recently a result of reading much poetry) but mostly, I try to inculcate. One story taught me how to write detailed action; one book showed me how to zoom in on the particulars of setting. I don't imitate them, but I owe a great debt nonetheless.

    And no, reading six quirks isn't boring. Silly Don! :P

  3. well... I complied :)

    Thanks for making me turn some attention on the consciously ignored parts of my personality! :-P

    Quirks abounding here.