Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Affirmations: I can reach my goals...

Two years ago this February I "met" an e-book entitled Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. The author, Tom Venuto, achieved natural body-building success as a result of using habit-changing, potential-busting methods he learned reading Psycho-Cybernetics. I burned some fat (30 lbs.), but more importantly I learned some methods to overcoming self-limiting thought patterns. I was taught to question false beliefs about myself, like "I have a bad memory," and to reprogram my self-image via simple affirmations, such as "I enjoy learning and using memory strategies."

One of the biggest challenges I faced was defining who I wanted to be. Affirmations are almost self-scripted "prophecies." Often we self-sabotage ourselves based on who we think we are or are not. Why not turn that around and set ourselves up success by creating a positive self-image that we "auto-magically" live up to? I've been doing it and enjoying the results for almost two years.

I'm going to share a few of my affirmations in hopes of inspiring others to self-script themselves into liberating habits. I've uncovered a few false, self-imposed limiting ideas about myself. Many of these self-perceptions were "lies" told to me by others. Unchallenged, these untruths keep me from realizing more potential than I even knew I had. Go figure.

Over the months I created a set of affirmations addressing who I want to be... spirit, soul, and body. (They are personal, positive, present-tense, and laden with good feeling words.) Here is my number one affirmation...

I can reach my goals, but I can't reach them alone: I need God and others.

This affirmation causes me to see myself as a potential success. It acknowledges my inter-relatedness with others who Providentially appear to assist me on my way.

A story is told about a man who drowned in a flood. He sat on the roof of his house and prayed, "O God, please save me." Soon a neighbor in a rowboat came by and offered the man a ride, but he turned it down. "God is going to save me!" Later, an empty canoe floated by, but the man continued to "wait on God." Later, the waters rose and the man drowned.

In heaven the man protested to God, "Why didn't you save me?"

God replied, "I sent a neighbor, and I sent an empty boat! Why didn't you accept the help I offered?"

I can reach my goals, but I can't reach them alone: I need God and others.

Watch and pray. Pray and watch!

Another one of my goals is...

"I enjoy writing to inspire and instruct. I enjoy the feedback I get from the readers."

I wrote this one at least nine months ago. Long before I knew about blogging. Yet when I followed my daughter into the world of blogging... a goal was reached. Auto-magically! That's how it works. "The difficult made easy."

I can reach my goals, but I can't reach them alone: I need God and others.

Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Don! Sorry I haven't been able to read and comment lately; your posts are always so thought-provoking, I knew I need to wait until a time when I could engage in the posts they way you deserve. :)

    It's funny how often I find my own experiences in your posts. I've been thinking lately, for 'potential story' purposes, about how self-image can be uber-prescribed by others, especially those who wish to bring someone down. I like how you turned negatives into positives - and you saw results!

    I'd like to try this with myself sometime soon. Thanks!