Thursday, December 11, 2008

Affirmations: A Lightening Rod for Goodwill

Once upon a time, I felt unloved. I had people who loved me, but I felt unloved. Why?

At least one reason for these feelings was how I saw myself. I pictured myself as a "friendless American male." I had read the phrase and had appropriated it. I felt that it fit me. (It didn't, but I took on the self-image anyway.)

After reading Pscho-Cybernetics I began to look for false beliefs that I held. In a conversation with my wife she pointed out to me that many people loved and respected me. I knew many people respected me, and then I could see that love is just a step beyond that. Her comments helped me become aware of my false belief and its resulting feelings, but that didn't remove the self-image and feelings. But something else did: an affirmation.

Here is the affirmation I came upon that helped me re-script my self-image and my feelings: "I am so happy and thankful that I am alive and well, gainfully employed, loved, respected, and appreciated."

Because of this affirmation I not only started feeling better, but I became more happy, thankful, loved, respected, and appreciated. I became a "lightening rod" for these realities. Call it body language, personal vibe, or whatever you want, but what we think about ourselves is projected: for better or worse.

Why not make it for better? Why not program yourself to become a lightening rod for goodwill? It'll put a smile on your face, a lilt in your step, and you'll discover that you are indeed well-loved. (And you'll feel like it too!)


  1. don -
    great post. I always love your photography as well.

    I answered your question about arts in culture in my new blog.

    to answer your second question... I think I could mount the Recreational Philosopher title. ;)
    (and long before recreational photographer appears on my badge)

  2. Thanks, Don, for the post. I've jumped on board.

  3. Again, you are so right. When you think a certain way, especially negatively, it attracts just what you think you're gonna get. I'd love someone to study that - the tiny, veryvery subtle clues we give off - our "personal vibe" - that draws to us what we seem to expect.

    I'm no follower of "The Secret" (that's maybe a bit too much, lol) but I've been in that situation, and once I freed myself from what I expected to see, I no longer saw it.

    I thought of Ghandi's quote as I read this post; it doesn't fit exactly, but I love it anyway: "You must become the change you wish to see."