Friday, December 12, 2008

Affirmations: I enjoy living well...

I enjoy living well and prospering, now and in the future.

Why is the big toe important? It enables one to maintain balance. The following affirmation helps me maintain a balance in my world of personal finance. There were several years when I led my family into being a bit-cash strapped because I wanted to eliminate all personal debt, including my home mortgage. Hmmm... Why attempt that?

"...owe no man anything..." echoed in my mind. But another thought held a counter-reverberation, "...if any man care not for his own family..." Which was right?

Both perhaps, but they needed a balance point for personal application. I challenged some of my beliefs about debt, wealth, giving, saving, and present personal contentment. The result of this exploration of beliefs?

Balance: I enjoy living well and prospering, now and in the future.

I go out to eat with my wife once or twice a week, but at a very affordable restaurant. I usually pay off credit cards monthly (in full). I have a mortgage (eight years left on it). Balance. Responsible for the future without overdoing it. Enjoying the present, without overdoing it.

I have a budget and use it (Mvelopes -- check it out.) I rarely worry about bills. If I want some extras I'll sometimes pick up a summer job (but I don't have to. I'm budgeted for non-work summers.)

Many times stress for me comes by holding conflicting internal values. Balance is what helps. More on that... tomorrow.

In reviewing the post above, I think I've given the big-picture, but I wanted to supply some details. Here are some supplemental affirmations I use in the area of financial self-perception:

I feel good being fiscally intelligent.
My spending and savings plans are balanced.
I'm reducing debt and building wealth.
I enjoy supplementing and stretching my annual teaching salary.
I am wealthy enough to retire when I choose to.

Theses affirmations also serve as "work-orders" to my subconscious, the place where habits are managed. They serve as unconscious navigation instructions to direct the "self-guided torpedo" I call "me."


  1. Sounds like you've got a very balanced handle on things right now Don! Love the affirmations! I may have to look into the envelope system as I sure don't use my money wisely..although I am not hurting by any means. "Self-guided torpedo"...LOVE that! I am so that too! Blessings, Lisa

  2. Yup, I need balance when it comes to money.

    And other things, I'm sure, but mostly money. :D