Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just for fun... A "Trip" in Mexico...

Here's another fun piece I did over at Pictures, Poetry, and Prose. The blog features a daily picture and a suggested prompt. I ignored the written prompt, but I used the picture instead.

Hope you enjoy it! Happy Saturday!

The photo is by Lisa. More of her work can be seen at
Lisa's blog - Wearin' My Heart on My Sleeve

A "Trip" in Mexico

Sheila watched him closely. Stu was showing way too much interest in the hibiscus flower. He was almost beside himself with delight as he gazed at the flower. They were on holiday in Mexico, and Stu had brought along a bit of hallucinogenics: window pane acid to be exact.

This was not the first exciting bit of nature Stu had discovered. Sheila had diverted him from the red brick bathroom where he had sat for a half an hour enthralled with the wall. "What colors! What beauty!" he had declared.

She was trying to keep him from drawing undo attention from the Federales who strolled through the resort from time to time. Mexican jail is not where she wanted her boyfriend to end up, so she quietly pried him away from the flower. It was pretty, but... really?

They moved down by the water and sat on a low wharf that offered a view of the afternoon sun bouncing like a many faceted daytime disco light. That ought to keep him occupied, she thought.

She had no idea. It was so beautiful he was moved to tears, weeping for a full fifteen minutes at the drug-enhanced view he was seeing.

It would be years before scientists would discover how LSD interfered with the optic nerve and photographers learned to mimic the effect in their pictures. But for now, Sheila was watching Stu sitting on the edge of lunacy. He wasn't even seeing what was real. She took off her sunglasses to enjoy the view while she held his hapless hand.


  1. Don! Thank you so much for asking if you may use my photo! Of course, go ahead! Thanks for the credit and link! I appreciate that! Would you remove my last name? I am going to ask the same of Laura..because of the nature of my blog of late, I think it would be best not to have it out there! Blessings, Lisa..who is now off to look at what you wrote! LOL!

  2. Lisa... your last name has been deleted! Thanks for letting me use your photo.

  3. Hey - now this is good stuff! In a very short span of time the story took me from what I thought would happen to something I would never have guessed. The descriptions were perfect.