Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just for fun: Wolf in a cage

I've been having fun over at Picture and Prose. The blog features a daily picture and a suggested prompt. I usually ignore the written prompt, but I use the picture instead.

Here's a short post I did recently based on the picture displayed below. Hop on over and practice your craft or enjoy the other posts.

Photo by Cyndy
For more of Cyndy's Photography visit here.

Darn. I had no idea the bar was freezing cold. I know better than to lick frozen metal, but now my nose is stuck to the bar. Life is hard when you have an IQ of 17. Darn.


  1. I'm stuck at home with a stinking cold.

    This just brought a smile to my face.

    Too funny.

    Thanks. :-))

  2. Then I have achieved my goal. ;-)
    (You're welcome.)

  3. LOL!!! "Darn." Haha, why does that sound like something a wolf would think? Very funny!