Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall in So Cal - - A different kind of beauty

I live in Orange County, the OC, and it's November. That's when we wear shorts and sweatshirts because it's starting to get "cold." We haven't started using the house heaters yet, but maybe an electric blanket set to one or two. It's rained twice. Trees that turn colors are just starting to show a change. Other trees think it's some kind of spring. I'll let a few pictures tell the rest of the story. (A lot of the "richness" of the OC is the pleasant weather that makes us "spoiled.")We may not have an abundance of Fall foliage, but we get by. ;-)

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  1. The O.C., huh? Is that your house in the top picture? ;-)

    I can't believe there are still roses in bloom there. Wow. And the flowers in the second pic are very pretty. We have dogwoods here that are so gorgeous when they bloom in spring, but the blooms only last a couple of weeks. *sob*

    But...where are the palm trees??? (Obviously I know next to nothing about Cali, lol)