Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Favorite sayings... Those who belittle others...

show littleness in themselves.


  1. Okay, you've got me wondering...what's the story behind the shift to 'favorite sayings'?????

  2. Okay... I've been busy. The quarter is ending, grades were due, I have to do a bunch of reporting to the parents of special ed students, and I missed pondering and posting. So I've been thinking of snippets of my philosophy of life that have been hanging around... my favorite sayings.

    Next week I should get back to pondering a bit more at length.

    Also, I'm trying to push myself to write in different styles: fiction, non-fiction, reflective, humorous, with dialogue, with or without pictures, poetry, and in this case: proverbs.

    What novels have you written since you don't write poems? Are you famous? Or unpublished? Or not really a novelist? Inquiring mind wants to know! ;-)

  3. I started writing novels around age 11, and no, I'm not published yet BUT this last one I wrote, I think is The One. Gotta start finding an agent.

    I do whatever strikes my fancy...used to be a lot of sci-fi (yes, even I wrote a Star Trek book) but now I just go where creativity leads me. In this case, to a historical romance. Go figure.

    (Don't worry. I'm leaving all the heaving bosoms to the professionals. Stuff like that embarrasses me, haha)

  4. Wow. The longest thing I ever wrote was a 50+ pager Master's thesis: An undervalued variable - Does your writing teacher write.

    I'm thinking of trying some Haikus, just for the fun of it. They're kind of literary favorite sayings severely constrained by format.