Thursday, November 6, 2008

Favorite sayings... Wherever you go...

there you are!

Some people find drama wherever they go. Hmmm...
Some people find laughter wherever they go. Hmmm...
Some people find love wherever they go. Hmmm...

What do you find?

I asked a student once, "Do you find that people are usually annoyed wherever you go?"

He said, "Yeah. I sure do."

"Have you ever thought that maybe they're annoyed because you're annoying?"

"Well, it could be..."

* * * * *

What follows me around? Wherever I go I usually find beauty, amusement, even delight, but maybe that's just me. Because wherever I go... there I am.

Wherever you go... there you are. For better or worse.

Make it better!


  1. I find slow drivers wherever I go.

    I'm not the most active person, but whenever I get in the car I feel like people start moving in slow motion. I try to remember that they may not be rushing to work like I am, or they may have a small baby in the backseat, etc.

    But still. They're everywhere.

  2. I was reminded today of Someone who always looked to find that which commendable in another. He consistently found it. He set a good example for us.