Saturday, November 8, 2008

Zoom in... Zoom out...

So much of conflict seems to result from a lack of perspective taking. Often we’re so in love with our own vantage point, that we can’t see things from someone else’s point of view. Often we lose sight of the fact that most things in life are not competitive, but complementary.

Maybe Republicans and Democrats have some good ideas!

Maybe proponents of abortion and opponents of abortion have some merit to their arguments.

Maybe science and religion aren’t mutually exclusive.

Maybe the world is not as split into two camps as we might like to pretend.

I like to practice perspective taking with my camera. I like to zoom in… and zoom out. And when I do, I get a fuller view of things. I see a richer view. I see multiple perspectives that are complementary not conflicting.

What’s the "best" science? Sub-particle physics, chemistry, biology, neurology, medicine, psychology, sociology, anthropology, astronomy, cosmology? Maybe they all contribute their perspective of truth? (And then the humanities might have more to add!)

Zoom in… Zoom out!

Try it out. Get good at it. Different filters, different magnifications, different subject matters yielding a richer view of the Universe. It’s enlightening!


  1. Nietzsche felt that the more perspective one gained, the more one would realize how untenable the notion of 'truth' was.

    I feel it's the opposite. The big picture is so important. I loved this post.

    I have a post scheduled to show up later today in response to your response to my Baudrillard post (did that make sense? lol). And oh no! I refer to a 'best' art in it! You sure can't plan these things...

  2. Saphron: I read your post and spent a day or two pondering it out before I continued the dialogue... Keep it up!

  3. This is a great perspective on an issue that gets lost so easily in the data overload of the wired world.

    Well done on illuminating the importance of inter-relationships so simply and yet so clearly.