Sunday, November 2, 2008

Palms in So Cal

Fall foliage doesn't include pictures of palms: they're "evergreen." So I perused my photo collection and pulled up a few for your delight. Despite all the palms on TV, we have lots and lots of other trees. The mild year round temps make it easy. (The sun is rising about 6:30 and setting about 6:15ish, even in November.)


  1. Wow. Those are amazing. I haven't seen palms quite like those. You know, they're really one of those things that someone could live their life and never seen 'in person.'

    When I went to Vegas last year, it was hard to believe something so strange could be a living thing, lol. Guess I need to get to the desert more often....

  2. yeah, yeah, yeah. just wait until i post our fall pics! we're going on a spur of the moment camping trip tonight, since it is unseasonably warm and the peak of the color season here. it really is beautiful, though john would trade it for year round weather like this...

  3. Your pics were very beautiful. I looked today (11/5).