Thursday, November 6, 2008

Favorite sayings... Just try to be...

pleasant and hard working.

That will take you far in the world. Good help is hard to find. Bosses (and co-workers) are looking for those who can walk away from drama and just "Get 'er done." I try to strike a balance between seriousness and good humor on the job. I aim to be productive, but have fun doing it.

Think about who you like to work with and work for. Visualize yourself being productive and happy on the job, and you'll have a picture of a valued co-worker.

Be the change!


  1. oh my goodness. while i'm proud of your video skills and happy for the laugh, your daughters might be embarrassed to have their dorky-ness available to the world. ;-)

  2. You want I should delete it? It was the best I could find for pleasant and hardworking. Most families fight over pumpkin carving... or some other triviality... you guys? You have fun!

    You illustrate pleasant and hardworking. ;-)

    (But I'll edit you out, if you'd like. Most of the world doesn't look at my blog any way!)

  3. haha, no, of course you can keep it up. just giving you a hard time. i might get pickier once you attract a following of thousands ;-).